Real Estate & Construction

ADELPHI Real Estate’s team has an impressive track record in achieving results for their clients based on the development of a network of real estate contacts numbering over 8,500 individuals and a long list of successfully executed projects.

ADELPHI Real Estate specializes in searches for senior and middle management level personnel on an individual and team building level. We develop and implement solutions in the field of personnel recruitment that helps clients build an effective system for attracting the best talent to their companies.

Our clients include local and international companies specializing in real estate development, investment, property management, banking and consulting. When implementing projects, we consider the real estate segment in which the company specializes, be it residential or commercial real estate within the segments of retail, office, warehouse and hotel properties.

Examples of successfully complete projects include:

  • Leasing Director
  • Commercial Director
  • Project Director
  • Development Director
  • Investment Director
  • Investment Analyst
  • Construction Director
  • Sales Director, Residential Property
  • Property Manager
  • Asset Manager
  • Investor Relations Manager
  • Technical Project Engineer
  • Technical Management Engineer

We also have a significant track record across all back-office areas, focusing on sector specific experienced candidates including:

  • CFO
  • Finance Manager
  • Legal Counsel
  • HR Director
  • Administrative Director

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