The Branch of a private company limited by shares Raven Russia Property Advisors Limited expresses gratitude to Adelphi Recruitment for successful and fruitful cooperation. We delegate to Adelphi Recruitment issues of search and selection of personnel. Since 2017 Adelphi Recruitment has helped in the search and selection of candidates for vacancies of the Investment Analyst, Investment Director, Construction Director. Employees of the company have always been in touch, provided comments on each stage of work, and ensured an individual approach to our cases.

We are completely satisfied with the quality and coherence of the work of the Adelphi Recruitment team.

We recommend Adelphi Recruitment as a reliable and stable business partner.

Bogorodov I.M., Head of the Branch

The Branch of Tochka Bank - QIWI Bank (joint-stock company) started its cooperation with Adelphi Recruitment in 2017. Its consultants successfully closed two of our vacancies in the field of information technology: Software Developer and Data Architecture Consultant. Employed candidates have successfully passed probation period and are working in the company now.

We express our gratitude to the Adelphi Recruitment team for their professional approach, understanding of our needs and working in accordance with them, and we recommend Adelphi Recruitment as a partner for your business in the sphere of recruitment.

E.V. Yarmysheva, Personnel administration manager

The companies MALLTECH and Adelphi Recruitment have been closely cooperating for a long time in projects of search and selection of highly qualified personnel. We closed in cooperation vacant positions of the Project Manager and the Chief Investment Specialist.

Specialists of Adelphi Recruitment perform all the tasks qualitatively and on time. The team of the company has a high degree of professional competence, responsibility and goodwill.

The company MALLTECH considers it possible to recommend Adelphi Recruitment as a highly qualified company that provides services in the sphere of personnel search and selection.

Koroleva I.V., HR Director

We express our gratitude to ADELPHI for high-quality and efficient work. They did a very good job in understanding of staffing needs of Radius Group both in terms of the required experience and skills as well as the cultural fit.  ADELPHI guarantees quick communication and proper feedback at all stages of the recruitment process.

Team of professionals at ADELPHI has successfully closed the complexity positions for Radius Group in a short period of time. Candidates provided by ADELPHI have proved to be highly qualified specialists.

We hope to continue our cooperation with ADELPHI because they are solid and reliable expert in the field of personnel search and recruitment.

Irina Kharchenko, HR Manager «Radius Group Ltd»

We gave Adelphi a challenging assignment in Georgia, where we were looking for an expat Centre Manager that would also be Russian and English speaking, knowing that this would limit the pool from which they could draw. Their team undertook this assignment in a very professional manner, giving weekly updates as to potential candidates, taking up detailed references and sticking with the assignment right up to when the candidate arrived in Georgia to start work. Overall, we have been very impressed with the attention to detail and the quality of the work that they carried out. Thank you.

Philip M Evans, Managing Partner

We had a critical senior director client facing role to fill in a tight timescale. We were very prescriptive about the sort of person we were seeking and knew that it was unlikely that we would be spoilt for choice. The brief was not an easy one and the successful candidate was likely to be sourced from abroad. As such, having surveyed the field of suppliers, we chose ADELPHI Recruitment. Even prior to us formally appointing them, ADELPHI became our partner as we worked together on refining the brief. Subsequently, their ability to identify, screen and present suitable potential candidates and their mastery of the whole recruitment process right through to the signing of a labour agreement, was exemplary. Through their efforts we have secured an excellent individual. It was important to the process and to us that ADELPHI as a partner was involved from start to finish.

David Izett, Executive Chairman Cushman & Wakefield Veritas Brown

We engaged ADELPHI Recruitment’s services to conduct search to find the ideal candidate to fill in the role of project manager at our Budapest office. Given the complexity of the role and scarcity of available competent candidates we felt that Adelphi who have a deep understanding of personnel and work description within the real estate markets in CEE would be best fit to assist us with the candidate search.

Upon having a brief discussion with Gergely, he immediately understood the type of candidate we were looking for and within a couple of weeks presented us a number of good potential candidates. We are happy to say that we have found the person we had been looking for. Gergely conducted his assignment in the most efficient way while maintaining  a great working relationship with us throughout the search.

Balazs Bellak, Vice President, Head of Project Management CEE 


We hired ADELPHI to manage a search for a Project Manager in Budapest. It was a tricky position as we have very specific expectations with future employees, not just in terms of their career background, but also their cultural fit to Prologis. ADELPHI were quick in understanding our needs on both sides, provided a strong shortlist in a short-frame and every candidate they presented was of interest to us. Although they are headquartered in Moscow, they demonstrated also that they have a good network of candidates who are not openly available on the market in the Hungarian and CEE real estate market.

We successfully closed the project and look forward to the chance to work with them again.

Marta Gaska, HR Business Partner CEE

We started to actively cooperate with ADELPHI in 2014. I would like to note high professionalism, attention to our needs and focus on results. In a short term consultants helped us to find candidates for Executive positions in marketing, leasing and property management. Thus we managed to avoid time and financial losses and formed a team of associates to successfully achieve your goals. We are willing to recommend "ADELPHI" as a reliable partner and expert in the formation of teams.

Maksim Sterlyagov, General Director of «AVIAPARK»

«Since very beginning of our cooperation I felt very satisfied. I appreciate your proactive and individual approach a lot. As I am very busy in my position and spend most of the days on business trips, you managed to keep me updated right on time, but not disturbing me from my work. Candidates who I received from you were reflecting our needs and expectations. From the project point of view we met our deadline to hire a candidate within 2 months.

I am nicely surprised with your active cooperation even after we hired the candidate, who has been currently working with our for a months. My new colleague was also happy about cooperation with you and always speak well about the cooperation with you.

As a professional in Sales, Marketing and Customer Services I must admit I had one of the best customer experiences with you. Our company is very service oriented, thus we are very demanding in this sphere and you fulfil your promises.

I wish you good luck with your clients, both companies and candidates. Hopefully I will have a chance to cooperate with you again.»

Zuzana Martinkova, Development Manager CEE «YIT Construction Ltd.»

«PIK have cooperated with the company since 2011.
We have gained a positive experience with the company in conducting research on the systems of motivation for senior managers in the real estate and construction sectors.

Consultants and partners have shown professionalism and a responsible attitude, constructive in their approach and promptly providing all necessary information in the process. They properly complied with all the agreements reached in the negotiation process, including the timing of the project.

We have received comprehensive advice and a detailed report on the survey results. During our co-operation, the company has established itself as a reliable partner.
We recommend this company as a reliable, conscientious and responsible partner in the field of HR in the segment of real estate and construction.
We hope for further successful cooperation!»

Alexander Krainikov, Vice President of Human Resources «PIK Group»

«Our company has cooperated with the Agency for staff recruitment for more than 2 years. In the process, the agency has established itself as a company that has good potential and highly qualified team of professionals necessary for running a successful operation.

As a responsible partner, the company has fulfilled its obligations for the selection of staff with quality and on time.
I would particularly like to note that in the course of joint work on complex and unusual items for the Russian market the agency was always flexible and willing to seek new solutions.

Our company would like to note the high level of professional training and their in-depth knowledge of technology based recruitment. Their staff are familiar with the corporate culture and values of the company to better understand the type of future employees needed for „ECE Russland“.

During our work, their team is always actively communicating with our company, provided timely information on the status of the search for candidates and giving feedback on past interviews. Representations on CVs contain just the right amount of information about the candidate. Each CV was accompanied by a detailed commentary on the candidate, including the recommendation of the consultant, why a particular candidate was presented to the company as the applicant.

It is also clear that the company is aware of the current situation on the recruitment market, not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also in the regions.

The company " ECERussland " is confident that our cooperation will continue to be just as fruitful and successful.»

Anna Burlakova Head of HR, «ECE Russland»

«Our companies cooperated in 2012 in the search for candidates for the position of „Director of Marketing.“

We particularly wish to acknowledge the quality and professional service provided with a personal touch.

We liked the client orientation of your employees and the ability to think outside the box, offering innovative solutions: all the interviews with the candidates were held in conjunction with of one of the agency’s employees, which contributed to a better understanding of the position and the requirements for it.
Professionalism, knowledge of the market and the general policy of the company, focused on the customer — that’s what distinguishes this company!»

SemyonKuchin, CEO «BV Development»

TriGranit, one of the leading development and investment companies in Central Europe, has been working with ADELPHI since 2016.  ADELPHI’s working method is exactly the kind of approach we’d been looking for: the consultants were diligent in their selection of candidate profiles, checked references and quickly provided several high-caliber candidates.

Thanks to the recruitment support of ADELPHI, two top-level professionals have recently joined our team – our new HR Director in Budapest and our Finance Director in Warsaw. Despite the challenging and complex nature of the searches, we were able to choose between several excellent candidates for both roles. We are confident that ADELPHI’s consultants have strong industry and market knowledge, allowing them to carry out their work with high levels of efficiency and quality.

TriGranit will certainly continue cooperating with ADELPHI  on future recruitment projects.

Agnieszka Turowska, Group Finance Director TriGranit Corporation

We hired ADELPHI to find a specialist Investment Analyst from one of the CEE markets to relocate to our office in Amsterdam. This role required investment and disposal analysis and planning skills for a multi-national organization with offices in the Netherlands, Poland and other CEE countries; so potential candidates had to demonstrate not only a high level of professional competence but also cross-border communication skills.

When we approached ADELPHI we were sure that a company with such a vast business network and database covering the CEE markets would succeed in finding the ideal candidate to suit our needs, which they duly did.

We would like to thank ADELPHI for their thoroughness when screening candidates and for their openness for discussion at every stage of the project. Atrium Group is glad to recommend ADELPHI as a reliable partner and expert for challenging recruitment projects. 

Gerie Timmermans, Director of Human Resources Atrium European Real Estate

I would like to thank ADELPHI company for such a great work done.
All processes were organised fast, professional and convenient.
Now I'm happy to receive a job offer from a great company, thanks to consultants of ADELPHI for assistance on all stages.

I was pleased with the successful cooperation with ADELPHI. Special thanks to the consultant who led this position, for all his help with my employment.


I would like to thank ADELPHI team and particularly its real estate consultants for commitment and effort. The consultant I've been communicating with is highly professional: he understood well my needs, effectively managed the process and communication with the company, always kept me informed and gave feedback, provided valuable advice and helped me find a very good job. Importantly, throughout the whole recruitment process I felt support and genuine interest in satisfying my needs. 
I wish the whole ADELPHI team great success and would highly recommend them to both companies and candidates. 

Professionalism, honesty, goodwill - that's what I have experienced throughout the entire negotiation process with ADELPHI consultant. He timely and clearly provided me with the information from the employer, always answered questions or concerns that I had. Also I would like to thank him for his human approach and readiness to help the candidate. Communication with him was very calm and comfortable.
I am very grateful to ADELPHI for the active participation in my career.


It was a great experience and a great pleasure to work with Adelphi. Starting from the very first call the consultant demonstrated high professionalism and interest in the success of my interview processes.  Following up in detail at every stage of recruitment process and providing constructive feedback after each meeting was very helpful. I really want to thank you and I will definitely recommend Adelphi to my friends and colleagues!

I believe that Gergely might be currently the best recruiter on the Polish real estate market. I was amazed how professional he is, the level of professionalism you definitely won't find in the other recruiters on the market. He has extraordinary knowledge of the real estate recruitment market, individual approach and has great interpersonal skills, communicating very well with the client as well as the candidate. On top of that, Gergely was great at solving any problems we encountered during the process, giving me a great support. With his help I was able to secure a position I've been looking for for a while in a company I feel great at. I can only recommend Gergely and ADELPHI!

After all this great path that АDELPHI carried me out, I would like to express my gratitude to this high professional team. 

During this path I was followed by Olga Kucher. Certainly, she is the perfect specialist, with careful and attentive approach to candidate, leading him to successful employment.

As well, I am thankful to Gergely Stewart and Anna Khrustaleva, who are in my sincere opinion, the best recruiters at Russian real estate market now. 

Thank you and good luck!

I would like to share my experience of cooperation with ADELPHI recruitment. My experience of relationship with ADELPHI is overwhelmingly positive! It can be explained in few words:

Punctuality, professionalism, fun and fellowship, and the most important, positive result of the cooperation!
My positive impression was mostly created by cooperation and communication with ADELPHI's employee Dmitry Rybin!

Thank you very much!

Dmitry Rybin is one of the best recruiters I have ever communicated with. I was agreeably surprised at the way Dmitry supports the recruitment process from the first phone call to a potential candidate through all the stages of interview till the employment and even further. Dmitry is always on-line and in contrast to the other recruiters he attends the interview with the company. I recommend Dmitry as the reliable and open-minded specialist.

I would like to express my gratitude to ADELPHI Recruitment for a positive and fruitful collaboration. My interaction with this company represented by its Head of Practice «Medicine and Pharma» Dmitry Rybin left an impression of professionalism, high responsibility, transparency and conscientious attitude to a partner. Moreover, our dialogue was easy and sincere. I assume that this recruiting agency stand a good chance of acquiring a worthy place in its market segment.

My experience of cooperation with ADELPHI is extremely positive. I would recommend this company to my colleagues and friends.

My cooperation with ADELPHI was very productive and enjoyable. The consultant has provided support at all stages of the negotiations with the prospective employer. It is easier to make the right decision having such a professional and objective opinion from ADELPHI. Overall, it is worth noting attentive and personalized approach to ADELPHI in terms of their professional activities.

I have a great desire to thank the staff of the recruiting company ADELPHI for my employment.

I want to mention such qualities as communication, clarity and effectiveness of ADELPHI’s employees. Throughout the period of employment, I received complete and specific information about the job, employer's requirements and each step of the next stage in the relationship between me and potential employer. I am grateful for that to the professionals of ADELPHI.

I highly recommend ADELPHI, the professionalism of the staff was confirmed by time and experience.

Thank you! Success!

Gergely, I want to thank you for all your efforts with the job negotiation process! Honestly, you are the best and the most professional headhunter on the Russian real estate market. I had to deal with many headhunters and You have another lever compared to all of them! I appreciate your cooperation and your support during last 2 months! I wish you good luck with new candidates!

Kindest regards and all the best.

I would like to express my deep gratitude and appreciation to the staff of ADELPHI for a very professional approach to the candidate.

Especially would like to thank Julia Girenko, Senior Consultant, for her professional advice and creative approach when working with candidates.

Thanks to Julia I was able to participate and eventually win a very good position with ADELPHI's client. This allowed me to take a position in a company that meets my innermost wishes and it happened in a very tense situation on the job market.

I'll be glad to recommend Adelphi to all my friends and connections.

Once again I thank the entire staff of the company for the work done and personally Yulia Girenko.

Best wishes and continued success.