We gave Adelphi a challenging assignment in Georgia, where we were looking for an expat Centre Manager that would also be Russian and English speaking, knowing that this would limit the pool from which they could draw. Their team undertook this assignment in a very professional manner, giving weekly updates as to potential candidates, taking up detailed references and sticking with the assignment right up to when the candidate arrived in Georgia to start work. Overall, we have been very impressed with the attention to detail and the quality of the work that they carried out. Thank you.
Philip M Evans
Managing Partner
TGM Consutants
We hired ADELPHI to find a specialist Investment Analyst from one of the CEE markets to relocate to our office in Amsterdam. This role required investment and disposal analysis and planning skills for a multi-national organization with offices in the Netherlands, Poland and other CEE countries; so potential candidates had to demonstrate not only a high level of professional competence but also cross-border communication skills. When we approached ADELPHI we were sure that a company with such a vast business network and database covering the CEE markets would succeed in finding the ideal candidate to suit our needs, which they duly did. We would like to thank ADELPHI for their thoroughness when screening candidates and for their openness for discussion at every stage of the project. Atrium Group is glad to recommend ADELPHI as a reliable partner and expert for challenging recruitment projects.
Gerie Timmermans
Director of Human Resources
Atrium European Real Estate
We had a critical senior director client facing role to fill in a tight timescale. We were very prescriptive about the sort of person we were seeking and knew that it was unlikely that we would be spoilt for choice. The brief was not an easy one and the successful candidate was likely to be sourced from abroad. As such, having surveyed the field of suppliers, we chose ADELPHI Recruitment. Even prior to us formally appointing them, ADELPHI became our partner as we worked together on refining the brief. Subsequently, their ability to identify, screen and present suitable potential candidates and their mastery of the whole recruitment process right through to the signing of a labour agreement, was exemplary. Through their efforts we have secured an excellent individual. It was important to the process and to us that ADELPHI as a partner was involved from start to finish.
David Izett
Executive Chairman
Cushman & Wakefield Veritas Brown
We engaged ADELPHI Recruitment’s services to conduct search to find the ideal candidate to fill in the role of project manager at our Budapest office. Given the complexity of the role and scarcity of available competent candidates we felt that Adelphi who have a deep understanding of personnel and work description within the real estate markets in CEE would be best fit to assist us with the candidate search. Upon having a brief discussion with the ADELPHI's consultant, he immediately understood the type of candidate we were looking for and within a couple of weeks presented us a number of good potential candidates. We are happy to say that we have found the person we had been looking for. The consultant of ADELPHI conducted his assignment in the most efficient way while maintaining a great working relationship with us throughout the search.
Balasz Bellak
Vice President, Head of Project Management CEE
TriGranit, one of the leading development and investment companies in Central Europe, has been working with ADELPHI since 2016. ADELPHI’s working method is exactly the kind of approach we’d been looking for: the consultants were diligent in their selection of candidate profiles, checked references and quickly provided several high-caliber candidates. Thanks to the recruitment support of ADELPHI, two top-level professionals have recently joined our team – our new HR Director in Budapest and our Finance Director in Warsaw. Despite the challenging and complex nature of the searches, we were able to choose between several excellent candidates for both roles. We are confident that ADELPHI’s consultants have strong industry and market knowledge, allowing them to carry out their work with high levels of efficiency and quality. TriGranit will certainly continue cooperating with ADELPHI on future recruitment projects.
Agnieszka Turowska
Group Finance
Director TriGranit Corporation

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